The Next Milestone

We are born. We live. We die.

This is life explained in a pretty simple way, but as you know, its not that simple (*sigh*).

We start with such a simple and carefree phase in life. We are spoon fed and cared for, pampered to the maximum. And gradually we are introduced to a reality quiet different from the one we thought we would live forever.

The Phases of Life

We start as infants and graduate through the many phases of life so delicately categorized by society. Each phase  demands a certain amount of achievements and responsibilities to be taken up by the individual. From the adorable infant to the energetic toddler, there are many more phases yet to come that will get more demanding as they go further.  And then there is the tween phase, where you so wanna be a teen and are at the threshold of puberty.

Teenage- kids or adults?

Teenage years to me is the most entertaining phase of all (till now at least). Being a teen is more stressful than holding a day job! Being a teen is a constant struggle to balance the hormones that are raging along with the peer pressure and school pressure. And don’t even get me started on the decisions taken by teen; it will make you question your rationality during your teen years. All you want to do is be an adult, yet your parents still treat you like kids. So much pressure, so much confusion, there is just so much going on.   What can be worse than this, right? Wrong. This was just the trailer (Or so I anticipate).


A couple of months back the word ‘adulting’ caught my attention. So what exactly is adulting? Well, apparently it is the whole process of being an adult and making wise and productive decisions (don’t we all wish for that glorious day to arrive?).  I don’t know when the day will arrive when I will be comfortable ‘adulting’ or even remotely thinking of the idea and not freaking out; but my time is ticking since I am a step closer to officially being an adult.

The BIG 20

My teenage years will come to an end this week, and the idea is a package of mixed emotions. Yes, I’m so close to being independent and achieving my dreams, yet the idea of not having a ‘teen’ suffix on my age seems to get my anxious. Maybe its just a phase or I don’t know what seems to get me so flustered, but all I know is that its going to be a roller coaster ride from here. And after my 20th birthday, the aim is to reach the next milestone of 21 years and by that time learn a few tips on ‘adulting’ .


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