Welcome to the family!

Welcome to the ‘Goan Vibes’, a blog which is all about the ‘Land of Sea, Sun and Sand’. Goa exemplifies the term beauty with an abundance of natural and built treasure. Apart from the visible treasure the state holds, it is also home to a plethora of cultures and traditions that date back the an era long forgotten.

The blog aims at exploring the various facets of the state, and making the reader familiar with the beauty our tiny state holds. Get a glimpse of the Orient of the Pearl, in all its glory and magnificence. Join in on the adventure and enjoy the Goan Vibes.

What are these Goan Vibes you ask?

Goans are regarded to be ‘Susegad‘ (relaxed) folks; with music and siesta forming an integral part of our lives. Do follow (click on the follow icon at the bottom right corner of the screen) the blog for updates on the Goan lifestyle, and the many stories that the beautiful state of Goa has to offer. Follow the blog to be a part of the Goan Vibes family and get your dose of #GoanVibes .

You are most welcome to refer to the content on the blog, but kindly give credit to the author since a lot of research goes into writing an an article. Plagiarism of any sort will not be tolerated or entertained.  Would appreciate your support! 🙂



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